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Vintage Antique Shopping In France

Vintage Antique Shopping In France


Nothing is more enjoyable than strolling through a vintage market in France, or anywhere if you are like me!  As I have learned, some markets are great for bargain hunters, and others for serious collectors or professionals who export all over the world. Nonetheless, all are fabulous for learning and exploring the "joie de vivre" of collecting vintage pieces.


Recently I explored, for the first time, a very well known Foire d'Antiquaire in Barjac France. The moment I arrived in this charming and remote village, I knew it was going to be a glorious time! I got there early to have my daily 2 shots of Espresso before I was off to find some new vintage things for the online shop. Many of the vendors were still setting up, but the high energy of all of them fueled my spirit to peruse every single corner of this market. I did not want to miss a hidden spot where a treasure could be waiting. 

This market seemed to have a lot of large furniture, which was wonderful, as I am in the process of decorating and furnishing my home in Provence. For tourists who are looking to visit the brocantes, it is probably best to focus on buying smaller things, as shipping costs are quite high, and it is difficult to find shippers for one or two large items. Most pros are buying for containers that they fill with items to make it more affordable to ship and sell. It is still fun to see all the beautiful old things though, and imagining repurposing these old beauties.

This darling little guy was bundled up in some of the vendors linens, as it was so cold on this early morning!

A magnificent view from the top of the village....

Brass candleholders are a great find today..... and reasonably priced. This allows me to buy things to re-sell to my customers at a fair price.

Chopping boards for cooks are always a good find, but as you can see in this photo, some are not really old, but cut from wood to look old. I only buy genuinely old ones, and they are getting hard to find at reasonable prices. 

Old French mirrors are just perfect to add to any room in your home. Especially these smaller ones that I will be using in clients powder rooms.

A very chic french man negotiating for a bargain...... 

Time to break for a quick little lunch. Frites with mustard/mayonnaise sauce, and a beer. Sitting on the steps perfect for people watching....

Could not resist this charming green and creme table service that will be for sale online soon...

Rare find of three sets of old books with blue covers! One of my online customers will love having a set of these.

Village house covered in Wisteria was breathtaking! It is peak season for wisteria in the South of France!

A long but wonderful day in the charming village of Barjac!  

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