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Creative Organizing for Everyday French Vintage Silverware

Vintage French Everyday Silver Set

Vintage silver, hotel silver, sterling or silver plated, all contain some type of silver. No matter what type, it's all beautiful, and can be used everyday. In fact, I believe it is by far the best for everyday use because of the quality, ease of cleaning, and just the beauty and richness of using it. A table set with collected unmatched silver is the casual everyday "Chic" french way!

We love organizing our silver as an architectural detail of our kitchens, not hidden away in drawers.  It is a more casual way in a french kitchen to be able to set the table at your fingertips. Also, when entertaining outdoors or buffet style, these vintage jam jars make setting up very easily moved from place to place.

Possibilities are endless when we use our own personal style in our homes. 

This  drawer method is a wonderful way to store your silverware if you like it undercover!

Vintage ceramic jars are another creative option to show off the intricate patterns of collected vintage silverware. 

So many of my favorite things to collect.  White Ware, Jam jars full of collected silver,  White Tureens, Edited everyday glassware! 


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